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Replace your Maytag A/C unit and

Get up to $2,000* off the purchase and install of a new A/C unit

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Peace of mind knowing your A/C won't break down soon


Maytag has a good reputation, but the average lifespan for air conditioners in the state of Florida, is five to 12 years.1 Air conditioning units are constantly exposed to the elements and can suffer form increased wear and tear brought on by the hot Florida sun, wind, rain and even salt-filled air but that's is not all. Having an older unit has additional issues owners can face.

Unit not working up to capacity

Less efficient energy use

Increased stress on the unit to create cool are which then causes greater wear and tear

Allergens in the air are more likely to occur

Homeowners need peace of mind, knowing that their air conditioning unit won't break down. FPL Home Services will replace your old air conditioner and is right now offering up to $2000 off for a replacement unit. Must call by August 31, 2021.

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*The amount off a new A/C purchase and install is determined by the time left on your current A/C Maytag warranty: 

  • - $500 off if less than 1 year remaining
  • - $1000 off if equal to or greater than 1 year and less than 2 years remaining
  • - $1,500 off if equal to or greater than 2 years and less than 3 years remaining
  • - $2000 off if greater than 3 years remaining


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