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  • Jun 24, 2021
  • By FPL Home Services

We live in an age of electronics, and parents will have to get more and more used to their kids having all sorts of electronic devices as they grow up. From toys to phones, it’s hard to avoid it. However, it’s also vital for parents to sit down and teach their kids about how to safely use these devices and why electrical safety is so important. Here are some ways to get the conversation started: 

What To Teach Them:

  • Never pull a plug out by its cord: everything needs to be plugged in or charged these days, so it’s important to teach the little ones this very important rule.

  • Don’t put fingers or objects in an outlet: this is extremely dangerous and could lead to injuries! 

  • Keep away from broken or downed power lines: This is especially important after big storms come through. 

  • Don’t use water near plugs or cords: water + electricity = a very bad mix. 

  • Never climb power poles: It’s best to make sure your kids stay away from these while playing outside. 


How To Childproof Your Home

The next step in teaching them the basics in safety would be to take preventative measures to make sure they stay safe in your home all the time. This includes investing in:

  • Plastic inserts: These go into wall outlets while they are not being used, so that your children will not get the idea to play around near there. 

  • Electrical tape: This material goes over power cords and extension cords as a protective layer. 

  • Taller surfaces: One of the easiest ways to keep dangerous electronics from kids is by placing them in areas of the home that are far away from their reach. Utilize the high surfaces in your home, and keep in mind that these are good places to hide electrical appliances. 


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