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  • Jun 24, 2021
  • By FPL Home Services

2020 isn’t over yet, and neither are your opportunities to give your bathroom a brand new look. If you want to keep everything trendy and stylish, consider taking a look at this list for bathroom trends of 2020 and see what peaks your interest. Here are some of our favorites.

Double Bathroom Vanity

Double bathroom vanities take all the stress away from sharing a bathroom with someone. It’s the perfect way to make sure you have your own space and help stop any kind of clutter from building up. You keep your stuff on your side and it’s that simple! Designs for this remodel are very flexible, so you can decorate the match the rest of the room without much hassle. 

Frameless Showers 

Frameless showers are made to give the illusion of a bigger shower. How it works is that most, if not all, of the walls of the shower are made of tempered and polished glass. This eliminates the wobble that comes with regular shower doors and makes it easier for cleaning. Both beautiful and convenient! 

Clawfoot Bathtub Addition

It might seem old school, but these adorably shaped bathtubs have been making a comeback this year. They fit perfectly into the corner of any bathroom, not requiring too many new installations. With many color options, you can pick to match your current bathroom aesthetic easily. 

Bigger is Better

A new upgrade that many people are opting for these days is making their bathrooms bigger. While this doesn’t mean it needs to be some kind of luxurious design, a bigger setting can help leave room for new additions and ideas. Giving yourself enough space can help ease stress and make getting ready a lot quicker. 

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