• Jun 24, 2021
  • By FPL Home Services

The first month of 2021 is over, and we are starting to see more and more trends coming out of the wayworks. Are you keeping up with the current lighting trends? Well, now is the perfect time to upgrade your home with some of the best and brightest options there are. Here are some of the top 2021 lighting trends you will start to see more of this year, and hopefully some of these inspire you!

Retro Trend

Every once in a while we see trends circle back around to a retro style, and this year, there will be plenty of that. This can go as far as simply having your lampshades be made of natural-materials, or they can be entirely based on the intricate looks we would see from 70s or 80s household magazines. Either way, old school design is coming back and it’s better than ever.

Sculptural Table and Floor Lamps

These bold, statement pieces will bring your true personality to any room. With an assortment of color and shape options, going for a sculptural theme for your lights leaves room for creative designs you probably have not been able to incorporate into your home before. Let 2021 be the year you decide to be bold and have a little bit of fun with your style choices. The only limit is your imagination!

Muted Metallic

A more soft, classic look for your home is the muted metallic lighting look. With the soft muted tone of the metal design, it’s easy to match furniture and colors in any room. Not only that, but it gives off a more gentle brightness, a warm tone that many homeowners find helps make home feel a bit more comfortable.

Simple Chandeliers

There’s no need to add some grand chandelier design when a more simple, small type will fit nicely in any room and bring extra depth to it. These above head lighting designs are created to give off a fancy, classy look to them. So, if there’s a room in your home that could use some sprucing up, considering adding a miniature chandelier to it! 

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